I recently met with a resident who brought up the poem below.  When I got home, I googled the poem to read it.  I feel like this poem represents my path running for trustee.  Having been involved in township politics for 5 years, I wanted to make a difference.  Even though the results didn’t turn out the way I had hoped, I do still feel I made a difference in the township.  Earning almost 2500 votes says I made a difference.  I educated residents about what was happening in the township and shared why I was running.  People believed in me and voted for me in hopes of bring new blood and change.  There are individuals and small groups of people who believe and want the same things in the township.  I was able to find them and bring them all together.  Many of them are still working together.  They are also finding more passionate people to join their team.  This gives me a lot of pride and brings meaning to my campaign.

I mentioned that I recently met with a resident.  I met and spoke with many residents while on my campaign trail.  I continue to meet with residents.  Many reached out to me after the election and asked me not to give up.  I knew some of these people well and others I didn’t know at all.  This was touching.  Frankly, during the election, I expected to run once and be done.

Since the election, I have continued to educate myself.  Soon after the election, I learned that losing in politics comes with the territory.  In fact, most candidates don’t win during their first campaign.  I have also learned that I did everything backwards.  I put my name on the ballot and then, slowly, figured things out.  I had no idea how to run a political campaign.  I have learned that candidates should have a game plan and then put their name on the ballot.  I plan to continue meeting with residents and educating myself because I still feel like I’m making a difference.  The more I get involved, the more I realize I can’t stay home and do nothing.  My passion for doing the right thing and making a difference has just gotten stronger.

I don’t know what the future holds for me.  All I know is that I will continue to use my knowledge, resources and passion to make a difference.


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Thanks for joining me!  I will post updates about what is going on in Genoa Township on this site.  I will share information as well as my opinions on current topics.  I have been involved in local politics for 5 years.  It was that involvement that lead me to run for Trustee in November of 2017.  I have continued to stay involved since the election and plan to stay involved.  I plan to continue to use my election webpage, email, Facebook and Twitter accounts to get information to residents.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton